What You Should Look For In A Commercial Espresso Machine

Majority of people often have problems when buying their first commercial espresso machine. Espresso is similar but slightly distinct from coffee. High temperature is used to brew espresso by using pressurized hot water. Then, the water is forced through coffee that is very finely ground. This creates a beverage that is highly concentrated, thicker than traditional coffee, and has more caffeine. Espresso is frequently used as a base liquid for other types of coffee beverages.

Which Commercial Espresso Machine is Perfect for You?

Quality commercial  espresso machines are available in many varieties and sizes. They can be large enough to serve a 100-seat restaurant, or small enough for family breakfast. The size should be the first factor you consider when shopping for one of these machines. The number of customers you serve will determine the size you need to buy.  The more customers you have, the larger the machine you need to buy.  Some smaller espresso machines only have a single station, meaning that you can only brew one cup at a time. An example of this is Breville BES870XL Barista Express.  Other machines may have 3-4 stations, allowing you to support several customers simultaneously. An example of one with several stations is Nuova Simonelli.

What Should Commercial Espresso Machine Made of?

You should look for machines built with when buying commercial-grade espresso machines. Machines built with steel generally last longer. There are all sorts of machine these days. Some of the machines might be made from cheaper materials. Examine the construction of the machine. Machines built with material other than steel are not necessarily poor quality. A machine made from steel not only provides high-quality durability but is also easier to clean. All you will have to do is spray it down with water and wipe it off. Covers and facade need to be made from plastic to avoid heat transfer from the machine to those parts. However, steel shoud be the main component of the main frame.

Commercial espresso machines are not inexpensive. Make sure that you know all the important details of the machine you are intending to buy. Another factor to consider, besides the number of cups that commercial espresso machine can make. Also another factor to consider is it’s brewing speed. Machines that brew espresso longer usually cost less. Powerful machines cost a little bit more. Before you buy any machine, read the documentation. You’ll learn how fast it can brew a cup of espresso.

Does a Commercial Espresso Machine Requires a Lot of Maintenance?

Maintenance of any machine makes it stay longer. Make sure you read the documentation for maintaining the commercial espresso machine. Also what you need to do daily to ensure it works efficiently should be in the manual.  A cheaper machine may require more intensive cleaning. Higher-quality machines often come equipped with a self-clean feature.  Some commercial espresso machines design facilitates easy cleaning. If you are just looking for a machine for home use, look for one that is easier to clean. It is probably not a good idea to choose a machine that is difficult to maintain and clean.  Unless you know you have the time and patience it will take to deal with it.