Important Elements To Consider Whilst Looking For A Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

Are you looking for a semi-automatic espresso machine that is perfect for you? There are hundreds of semi-automatic espresso machines out there in the market today. Making a choice of which machine to buy can be a difficult choice.  Do a comprehensive research before you decide to buy one. There are times when all you crave is a cup of espresso, and for this, we turn to the espresso maker. Chances are that whilst making or purchasing a cup of espresso, a semi-automatic espresso maker will make it.

 Types of Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

The very first thing you need to consider is the type of espresso maker to purchase. Espresso makers come in the manual, semi-automatic, automatic, and super-automatic.  The semi-automatic variant is the most popular maker for residential and commercial use.

What Makes The Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine The Consumer’s Choice And Why You Should Purchase It

Given the variety of espresso makers in the market, what makes the semi-automatic maker so popular? For one, the semi-automatic is the general design of the espresso maker. It is designed to provide automated functionality while still giving user full control of the various function.

The users decide when to activate the pump as well as when to shut it off. This gives the user full control of the amount of water used to make each shot. Therefore, unlike the fully automated variety, the semi-automatic espresso makers provide human controlled precision in the making of espressos.

The Brand Of Espresso Machines To Go for

The espresso maker market is filled with a variety of brands and models. Therefore, you should review the various brands in the market and determine which one best meets your needs. However, the Gaggia espresso makers are an affordable variety of espresso machines. They have the capability of brewing commercial quality espressos. Another great brand choice is the Rancilio espresso makers. This brand is known for producing durable machines with superb brewing capability.

The Capability of The Prospective Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

Just like any other machine, you should ensure that your espresso machine is more than capable of meeting your needs. As such, there are parts of any prospective espresso machines that you should carefully review. These are:

The Portafilter – Of the many parts that an espresso machine has, the portafilter is among the most important. It influences the quality of brewing. Also, it controls the amount of coffee that the espresso machine can hold during the making process.

Consumers have two choices when it comes to purchasing portafilters. You can opt for the commercial portafilters. These have a large surface area to extract as much content from the ground coffee as possible. Alternatively, you can go for the pressurized portafilter. This system is independent of the grind fineness. Thus it creates resistance on its own.

The Heat Exchange Boiler – The heat exchange mechanism of your espresso machine is the most important. It is the foundation of the various functions, such as brewing, frothing, steaming or boiling water. The main difference between commercial model and model designed for home use are minimal. However, drawing of steam does differ between the varieties.

Ease Of Maintenance

Whilst choosing a semi-automatic machine, you should also review its ease of maintenance. The longevity of the machine as well as the quality of brew is directly influenced by how well you maintain the espresso maker. Ideally, you want to purchase a machine that is easy to clean the various parts of the machine.