Best Commercial Coffee Machines / Makers

Below we have listed the 5 best commercial coffee machines based on users feedback. To rate them reviews from sites like Amazon were used. Also this site’s reviews were used to rank them. However it is recommended that you pay attention and read the reviews thoroughly. This is to ensure that you have an idea of what you are going to buy.

5 Best Commercial Coffee Machines

What to Look for When Buying a Commercial Coffee Machine

Unlike the olden days when filter coffee was just fine, people are demanding refined coffee these days. With the demand for refined coffee, manufactures are advancing their machine’s technology. Due to the vast number of commercial coffee makers available, it is not had to get confused. Below are factors to look at before deciding to buy one


Of course the number of people to be caterer for should be one of the factors one needs to look at. Are you buying the maker for an office, restaurant or a café?  Compared to a restaurant, an office coffee machine does not have to be so big. What matters is the number of people to be served. Low volume coffee machines can make 50 cups a day. Medium machines can make from 150-200 while high volume machines can make 200 – 500 cups a day. Make sure that you have a number before buying one.

Preference and Price

There are hundreds of commercial coffee makers in the market today and choosing the can be daunting. Sometimes buyer preference and it cost can play a factor in deciding what to buy. I will stress that since that the machine will be used for commercial purposes, one should not put extra emphasis on price. The machine should repay itself in time.

Common Commercial Coffee Machines

Let’s look at the most common commercial coffee makers in the market today.

Automatic Coffee Makers

These machines are suitable for coffee shops, diners, break rooms, offices. They can brew 320 – 1920 oz. per hour. The design for these machines is that water automatically refills for fast brewing.

Pourover Coffee Makers

Their brewing capacity is 440 – 520 oz. per hour. They are also suitable for offices, break rooms, dinners and coffee shops. The best part about these makers is that they are portable.

High Volume Coffee Machine Urns

Most commonly used for high volume establishments such as cafeterias, diners, buffets and for catering. These urns brew high quantities of fresh coffee quickly. They can hold coffee for hundreds of people. They are 3-in-1 such that they can brew, hold and serve from the same machine.

Liquid Coffee Dispensers

No brewing is required because coffee comes already brewed in liquid form. They can serve 600 – 3200 oz. per hour. They are mostly used in hotel lobbies, cafeterias, buffets and banquet halls. The advantages of using these machines are that no brewing is needed. They dispense coffee fast because they use Bag-in-Box system. It is very easy and quick to load the bags.

Satellite Coffee Brewers

If your business has high traffic who are demanding coffee fast, you need a satellite coffee brewer. They are able to hold coffee for a longer time without the stale taste it gets after sitting for over 30 mins. This ensures fresh coffee all the time. They are also portable and they can be placed in the dining area. Their brewing rate is 80 – 2416 oz. per hour. Common places that they are used are banquet halls, restaurants, cafeterias, buffets and used when catering. Today’s satellite coffee brewers are digital and they come with a variety of programmable options.