Bezzera Strega Commercial Espresso Lever Machine

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Bezzera Strega Commercial Espresso Lever Machine is the perfect espresso extractor which will bring the best taste. Sometimes one wants the very best espresso extraction without hesitating from what is called for to set up a quality espresso machine. Also without hesitating to understand the skills needed to make it happen. Well, after using the appropriate commercial grade grinder setting up Bezzera Strega Commercial Espresso Lever Machine, and refining our skills, you, like we did, may see every other espresso machine as inferior! What comes in the carton? 1 x Espresso Machine brand new 1 x Hand book with hotline phone numbers U.S. and international 1 x Spare part brewing group gasket 1 x Portafilter with basket for 1-shot extraction 1 x Portafilter with basket for 2-shot extraction 1 x blind basket for flushing the brewing group 1 x plastic tamper (works perfect but not weight on it) 1 x Milk thermometer 2 x Espresso cup and saucer 1 x Espresso Bean sampler (if you mightn’t have a very good grinder, we can send you the samle in the appropriate grind for this machine) 1 x Digital total water hardness meter to evaluate the water quality over years (if you might shift from bottled water to distinct bottled water, you move, etc.) 1 x Dealer warranty on the machine 1 x Life telephone support for setting up the machine, keeping the machine, how to extract the shot and make a perfect latte and all other questions coming up over the years (support legal for you as long as you possess the espresso machine

Please call us 800 746 6174 Italian Bean Delight to spell out you the machine. The manufacturer is happy to consult with you what machine fits your needs.

Please watch the company’s youtube channel “italian bean pleasure” for machine road tests, comparisons, and tips and tricks, called “espresso 4 dummies”

Here is the tank variation, we also carry the switchable variation between tank and plumbed. We could provide you with the kit for the drain in your drainpipe as well. Completely equipped for Delhis, Ice Cream Shops, Wineries, Restaurants with lower load on espresso and latte coffees.

Support shaking pump to refill boiler and also to track fill lever cylinder with water that is boiling – at extraction. Measurements: 27.95″ H x 12.99″ W x 17.72″ D. Weight: 63.93 pounds.

We hold the right depending on the manufacturer to provide your machine slightly different as described or pictured. Please call us, in the event that you want to assure precisely that which you get.


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