Bezzera Strega Commercial Espresso Machine, for Restaurant

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Bezzera Strega Commercial Espresso Machine is one of the best espresso maker for restaurants or any other establishments where espressos are consumed more often. There are times when one needs the best espresso extraction without hesitating to what is called for to set up a quality espresso machine and without hesitating to master the skills needed to make it occur. Well, after setting this machine up, using the appropriate commercial grade grinder, and refining our abilities, you, like we did, may see every other espresso machine not meeting the standards! What comes in the box? 1 x Bezzera Strega Commercial Espresso Machine 1 x Hand book with hotline phone numbers U.S. and international 1 x Spare part brewing group gasket 1 x Portafilter with basket for 1-shot extraction 1 x Portafilter with basket for 2-shot extraction 1 x blind basket for flushing the brewing group 1 x plastic tamper (works perfect but not weight on it) 1 x Milk thermometer 2 x Espresso cup and saucer 1 x Espresso Bean sampler (if you mightn’t have a very great grinder, we can send you the sample in the right grind for this machine) 1 x Digital total water hardness meter to evaluate the water quality over years (if you might shift from bottled water to distinct bottled water, you go, etc.) 1 x Dealer warranty on the machine 1 x Lifetime telephone support for setting up and maintaining the Bezzera Strega Commercial Espresso Machine, how to extract the shot and make a perfect latte and all other questions coming up over the years (support valid for you as long as you own the espresso machine

Support vibration pump to refill boiler and also to track fill lever cylinder with boiling water – at extraction switched off. Measurements: 27.95″ H x 12.99″ W x 17.72″ D. Weight: 63.93 pounds.

We reserve the right depending on producer to supply your machine somewhat different as described or pictured. In the event that you would like to assure precisely what you get, please call the manufacture with the above number.


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